Sismique & Sensuelle’s fine choice

dessin d'une pièce avec des tableaux accrochés au mur et une femme nue allongées dans un canapé
Illustration d'un mur rempli de tableaux avec deux femmes nues devant
Dessin d'un couple qui se sucent la langue

What a sweet gesture to offer an erotic work of art.
However, it is not easy to choose a work of art for another person, even if you know them well.
Two options are available to you to offer a unique gift :

We offer you a selection of works of art

We discuss together the tastes and location of the person to whom you want to offer a work of art, and we offer you a selection within your budget

You offer a gift card to someone

You offer them a Gift Card in the amount of your choice. For each gift card over 100 EUR, we offer 1 hour of personalized advice, to help the lucky recipient find a work of art they like.

You can contact Laure on +33(0)7 45 20 74 70 or go to our E-Shop to order
the Gift Card.